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back in 1991 …

Pete Brooks started Sun Dance Cleaning Systems. Here’s his story.

“Sometimes you have to get creative in this business, especially at the beginning. During one of my first phone calls with an account—on a land line, with a cord—my one-year-old twin daughters were about to lose it. So, I improvised. I dumped an entire box of animal crackers on the floor and stretched the cord into the next room.

The result? I landed my first account and had two toddlers with an impending sugar crash. I marked that as a success. This story demonstrates that starting a commercial cleaning business isn’t always straightforward. But it also shows that you can make this business work with your life.

When I started my business, I often relied on trial and error. I started to find success when I followed the skills and strategies of my mentors and other business professionals. When I stubbornly implemented my own methods, I simply wasted my time and money.

During the early ‘90s, I learned that duplication of successful methods is the fastest and easiest way to succeed at anything. I’ve spent the last 28 years fine tuning these strategies and I’m here to share my secrets. Starting a business isn’t always simple, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

With something as important a your business, your family, and your future, you want to be prepared. With Sun Dance Cleaning Systems, we’ve been there. We offer real time training and on demand phone support, without any of the ties of a franchise.”


The Basics

  • One time fee

  • No royalty payments

  • Complete ownership

  • Not a franchise

the system

  • Step-by-step training program

  • Unlimited phone support

  • Proven system

  • Manuals, bids, and forms included

  • Marketing plan

  • Employee training program